Friday-Travel-Find: 4-in-1 Survival Paracord Bracelet


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Is your reaction like mine was? Something along the lines of "come again? That little bracelet does what?" with a wide-eyed stare. But it's true. So so weirdly and awesomely true. 

Let's break it all down becuase that's a lot of punch packed into a bracelet, however how perfect is this guy for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures?! Oh! And affordable. I mean REALLY affordable. 

Now, let's be honest - don't take this guy in your carry-on if you're flying. Last I checked we were allowing nail clippers on the plane, but probably not fire starters, scrapers, or a badass survival bracelet containing them. Though I'm not even sure if the TSA folks would make heads or tails of the contraption, but better to ere on the side of caution and not draw unnecessary attention to yourself. 

So what exactly does this bracelet do? A bunch of things! It's a thermometer, a whistle, a fire starter and a compass. Talk about space saving!


Have you ever used a survival bracelet? What are some other gadgets you use when you're hiking and camping?


Travel Gadget: This survival bracelet packs a lot of functionality into one small piece. From a thermometer to a fire starter, to a compass and whistle, you'll be happy to have this with you on your next hiking, camping, or other outdoor adventure!