friday travel find: toms

photo from fast

photo from fast

NOTE: this post contains affiliate links. if you order from these links than i will receive a portion of the sales that i'll use to travel more, test travel products for you, and maybe have the occasional glass of wine after a long flight. 

this was a really easy pick to share with you guys because if i'm telling the truth, i'm OBSESSED with toms. and the folks over at toms are not paying me to say that. in fact, i'm quite sure they have no earthly idea who i am, and that's okay, because all i need them to do is keep creating the BEST shoes ever. 

let me back up though and explain why i'm obsessed with toms and why they're today's friday travel find:

in september of 2015 i took a trip to europe with my girlfriend. we backpacked around visiting germany, the netherlands, and the czech republic and it was super important to me that i had a couple pairs of comfortable shoes. i did oodles of research, which is great because you begin to identify brands, but at the same time you just kinda need to try on a shoe to really know, so you have to kinda leap blindly and hope that the shoes you picked do indeed provide you with everything you're looking for.

i took a chance with toms and i've been hooked ever since. i went with the simple black classic toms. i wore them for a few weeks before i left and they were great. but were they walking 10+ miles a day through europe great? the short answer is YES. there really is no other testament i can give except to say that if you're able to backpack through europe and live in a brand of shoes the entire time and not have your feet hurt once, then that's a damn good brand of shoes. 

i couldn't recommend toms highly enough. i've since invested in their sandals, boots and heels, and my feet are always happy.

in fact, this weekend i'm actually on a road trip to south dakota where i'm going to the badlands, wind cave national park, and more, and you better believe my toms are going to explore the national parks with me!

some of my favorite,comfortable toms include: 

and I love their heels as well, however what I'm showing you above is what I pack for travel; flat and comfortable, but still stylish.

also, it would be a miss for me to mention what great work they do on a philanthropy level; for every pair of shoes you buy, toms will give a pair of their shoes, clean water, safe birth, improved sight, or the tools to teach bully prevention. 

in addition, as a consumer, each time I make a purchase I collect points. I can redeem these points for various things, but one option that I've started doing is donating my points. whenever I donate my points they are transferred to dollars that are used to give back and provide all the necessary resources to those who need it across the world. it's a very small thing for me to do, and believe me I'm not asking for credit, but those points mean nothing to me, and I would buy their shoes regardless of I received points in exchange, so if I can do something infinitely small that helps someone in need, then I'm not even hesitating. 

tell me - do you have a favorite brand of shoe for travel? I'd love to hear about your favorite picks for comfy travel shoes!

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