Christmas in July: Amazon Prime Day Picks You Can't Miss

Amazon Prime Day Shopping

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Oh Amazon. Always luring us in with discounted prices and convenience. It's a rabbit hole that we're all more than happy to go down 365 days a year, but because Amazon is attempting to take over the world (I say that half joking, half serious) they have decided that we need to have Christmas in July, and have given us 'Amazon Prime Day'. Or rather, day and a half, since this year they're extending it another half day. 

This year, Amazon Prime Day begins July 16 at 2pm CST, and as a self-proclaimed professional Amazon shopper (AKA I just spend too much time and money on Amazon), I've decided share with you some of my favorite picks that you can't miss this year.


  • Amazon Prime Subscription - If you don't have Amazon Prime than stop what you're doing and subscribe immediately. I mean, sign up for the free two-day shipping alone. Just 2-3 purchases a year and you'll have paid for your subscription with feature alone, never mind all of the perks you get (books, tv, movies, music, etc.)
  • Audible Subscription - On Prime Day you'll be able to get a 3-month subscription to Audible for $4.95 a month. Since the regular subscription is $14.95/month, this is the perfect opportunity to give audio books a try if you've been curious if it's something you'd like. 
  • Kindle Unlimited - Read unlimited Kindle books for only $.99 for the first three months. That's right - no buying books, no waiting lists at your local library, just instant access to all the books you'd want to read. 
  • Prime Pantry - Get $10 off of your $40 order on Amazon Prime Pantry when you sign up for a trial. No stop at the grocery store, no impulse buys. Order it and get back to your day, and with your free two-day Prime shipping than it will on your doorstep in no time!


  • Sonos Play:1 - My favorite home speaker system is available on Amazon! We have a Sonos in our kitchen/living room, and the sound quality is fantastic. Here's how it works: you download the Sonos app, connect your Sonos to you wi-fi, sign up for your FREE account, tune it to your room, and you can play music, podcasts, or audio books. So if you picked up that Audible subscription above, you can play your audio books right through your speaker. 
  • Pink Beach Art - Matted and ready to frame, this calming photograph is under $25 (hello, affordable!) and will go nicely in any home. 
  • Apothecary Jars (Set of 3) - Also affordable (under $30!), these classic and elegant jars can be used for a variety of things. From bath items (q-tips, cotton balls, etc.) to candy jars in the kitchen, they'll check both the organizational and decorative boxes in your home.
  • Faux Fiscus Tree - For only $60 and none of the upkeep of keeping it alive, you can own your own like-natural tree. Indoor trees are all the rage right now, and greenery is known to put people in a better mood, so spruce up your space at an affordable price!
  • 50" x 60" Throw Blanket (Under $20) - This simple, classic, and neutral throw blanket is great to have on hand. Whether you need something for picnics, curling up on the couch and binging that Netflix show, or want a throw blanket for our bedroom, this blanket is perfect. It comes in three different colors and the best part is that it's under $20 so you can stock up without braking the bank.
  • Digital, App-Controlled Thermostat - When I get out of an apartment and into my next house I can't wait to get a digital thermostat that I can control with an app on my phone. Having everything centralized in one app to control sounds so convenient, and if you have Alexa you can control this thermostat using her. 


  • Inspiralizer -If you love veggies and haven't tried vegetable noodles than you're seriously missing out. 
  • Meal Prep Containers - 20 for UNDER $20! And, these containers have almost a 5 star rating. You know I love meal prep and planning (have you grabbed my free meal planning template?) With three compartments you can build your own balanced bento box and have healthy lunches or dinners ready to go every day.
  • Lunch Tote - This adorable canvas tote is the perfect lunch box for the stylish woman who wants to bring her lunch to work or school. Simple, classic, and plenty of room, the meal prep containers would be the perfect pair to a healthy lunch!
  • Food Storage Containers - No need to spend $100 for a set of the other container brands when you can get this 7 piece food storage set for $35. And bonus - it comes with 20 chalkboard labels so you can easily see and grab what you need. 
  • GreenPan Fry Pan - I've been slowly building up my GreenPan collection because hands down, these are the best non-stick pans I've ever used. They're a bit pricy, but they cook food so well and clean up so easily that they're worth every penny. If you want to try out a pan before investing in a set like I did than I highly recommend starting with the 10" covered pan.
  • 4-in-1 Cooking System - Sometimes an appliance is just worth spending a little bit more money and buying, and that's the case with the Ninja 4-in-1 Cooking System. It functions as a slow cooker, an oven, a stove top and a steamer. You can sear, steam and sauté, and it comes with a steaming/roasting rack, a multipurpose pan, roast lifters, silicon mitts, cookbook, and a travel bag. All for only $150. 
  • Roaster - Run, don't walk, and get this 16" stainless steal roaster. Normally $110, it's on sale for $43 and has almost a 5 star rating. Enough said. 


  • You Are a Badass - I'm not a self-help book girl. At all. But I'll admit that the title of this book had me curious, so I bit the bullet and decided to give it a try. And guys - it's amazing! No nonsense, to the point, cut the bullshit. I loved it and felt so damn inspired after reading it. It's the kick in the ass reality check that anyone could use so get two copies - one for you and one for a friend.
  • Magnolia Table - Let's just be real; everything that the Gaines' touch turns to gold. How they can be so busy, be raising so many kids, and seem to have it all together is beyond me. Okay okay, I doubt they have it all together because no one really does, but I'm positive they have it more together than I do. So it's no surprise that this cookbook is full of easy home cooking recipes that the whole family will love.
Amazon Prime Day Shopping: Magnolia Table Cookbook
  • The Cook's Atelier: Recipes, Techniques, and Stories from Our French Cooking School - If you buy one cookbook you have to make it this one. It is hands down, the best cookbook I've ever bought/read/cooked from. This mother/daughter duo moved from the United States to France years ago and opened up their own small (but mighty) French cooking school. The photography is beautiful, the profiles of the people and the food that work with are incredible essay's, they teach you common cooking techniques to get you comfortable, and then have incredible recipes separated by season. Classes at their school are literally at the top of my travel bucket list. 


  • Weekender Bag with Shoe Compartment - This stylish weekender bag is the perfect carry-on for a quick getaway, and is set for both clothes and shoe storage. For under $40 (and with an almost 5 star rating) this bag is sleek, stylish and affordable.
  • Passport Holder - I'm obsessed with Kate Spade. Always have been. And when I started my search for a passport holder I kept coming back to one designer - Kate Spade. From her classic designs to quirky and fun designs, everything her brand does is always stylish.
  • Hardcase Luggage - It's probably a little strange that I said 'hardcase', but I have to tell you I will never go back to a luggage set that has a soft shell. A hard case is just SO much more durable, and these days you can get a nice piece (or set) for a decent price. 
  • Backpack - This backpack is a favorite in our household. It's only $21 and it stores so much and is so damn durable. It's no surprise that 3,900 people have given this backpack nearly a 5 star rating; we've taken it everywhere - from hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park to road tripping in Ireland to a long weekend in Austin, and it's stood much wear and tear like a champ. We'll have this backpack for years to come and couldn't recommend it enough. 

Messenger Bag - I don't care if this is technically a men's messenger bag, it's super stylish and I'm buying it on Prime Day. You can buy one to fit a 10" laptop or 13" laptop, and it has plenty of other storage as well, so whether you use it for commuting to and from the office or air travel, this messenger bag is stylish, spacious, and it frees up your hands so you don't have to actually carry it.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping: Messenger Bag

So those are my top picks for Amazon Prime Day beginning on July 16 at 2pm CST and going through midnight on July 18. There will undoubtedly be other great sales that pop up and you're likely to find lots of steals and deals. I'd love to know what great things you got, and if you went with any of my favorite items on this list let me know if you love them like I do!

Happy shopping!