Self-Care in 2018: 8 Ways to Physically Practice Self-Care

Self Care in 2018: 8 Ways to Physically Practice Self-Care

Happy Monday! Yesterday I started my 3 part series on practicing self-care in 2018; something that I am actively working on in 2018.

My journey of taking better care of myself this year started by finding Sunday habits that would help set me up for a successful and productive week ahead, and now I'm implementing three parts of self-care in order to find balance in my life. The first part, that we talked about yesterday, is 8 ways you can mentally practice self-care. Today we're going to talk about how to physically practice it, and tomorrow the series will conclude with how you can bring organizational self-care into your life. 

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Wash Your Face.

Confession time - I didn't start washing my face until about a year ago. Which is TERRIBLE since I'm in my 30s, but thankfully I've never worn a lot of makeup so my skin is okay. But we all know that it's easier to prevent something than to fix it, so I knew it was long past due for me to start washing my face; something quick and easy that every woman should be doing every day (men, you can join in too - it's not bad for you!) 

I still need to find a night serum, but I prefer to use non-toxic products so my go-to's are Beauty Counter's Nourishing Cream Cleanser (I do LOVE their Cleansing Balm, but it's a bit pricy) and Thayer's Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner after I cleanse. I use moisturizer but am looking for my go-to so I regularly rotate different products in and out (if you have any recommendations on non-toxic moisturizers or night serum's let me know!).


I'll be honest, I don't know how people who workout don't stretch. I mean, it feels sooooo good, and you greatly reduce the risk of hurting yourself when you're working out when you keep those muscles stretched out. Plus, it's so easy to do. Sit on your living room floor and stretch while you're binging your latest Netflix show if you'd like. Just gently stretch yourself out, do that for one week, and you'll be amazing at how much more limber your body feels!

Self Care in 2018: 8 Ways to Physically Practice Self-Care 

Drink Water. A lot of water.

In my 20s I was terrible about drinking water. I think the running theme is that I got a late start in taking care of myself and partied my 20s away, I can admit that. But since getting into my 30s I've become obsessed with water. I always have a water bottle with me, it fills me up, and in April I'm going to do a 100oz. water challenge; I am committing to drinking 100oz. of water every day. I will track my results and share with you guys when it's over, but I want to get off the train of doing good with water 4/5 days of the week and not doing well the other 2/3 days and become consistent with my water intake. It's so good for your body and your skin and something that everyone should doing.

Start switching to non-toxic products. 

I've talked about this before in Insta stories, but I am striving to make my home and body non-toxic. I'm switching all of our household products over, my skincare and makeup. Because I don't want it to be an expensive transition, whenever I run out of something I switch it over to non-toxic. I will do a post on the non-toxic items that we now use (and what I'm still looking for recommendations on), but there are plenty of products that cost the same, or less, than chemical-filled products and are much safer for you and better for the environment.


I don't need to go into great detail on this one. Exercise. It's good for you internally and externally. I definitely need to be better about exercising, but I'm working on it and it makes me feel so much better when I take care of myself.


Just get up and walk. I know that it can be more difficult in the winter, but find an indoor track, or just make sure you're always taking the stairs. I have a Fitbit and I love it. My friends and I do walking challenges during the week and on the weekends, and even if you don't participate in any challenges your Fitbit will buzz 10 minutes before every hour and remind you to at least make sure you're getting 250 steps each hour; something that you can easily forget when you're in front of a computer. 

Take up a hobby.

Painting, dancing, beer brewing, gardening, mountain biking - what's that one thing you have always wanted to do that you've never tried? You should go and do it! Just get out there, try something new, and have fun. The best part is that you'll constantly be moving around without even realizing it, while also exercising your mind. It's a win on many levels!


Maybe it's just a day trip, a weekend away, a road trip, or a full on vacation, but travel is physically good for you, as well as mentally. You'll find yourself trying new things, moving, navigating different areas and getting outside of your comfort zone. You'll walk, explore and move and it will all be natural movements for your body. 

Tell me - what are some ways you practice self-care physically?


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