Self-Care in 2018: 8 Ways to Organizationally Practice Self-Care

Self-Care in 2018: 8 Way to Organizationally Practice Self-Care

It's part 3 of my self-care series, and this is probably the part that I'm the best at - organization. I'm sort of a "nerd" about cleaning and organizing; there is something about it that calms me. If you've seen my post about my favorite home organization essentials, or grabbed my free 7 page spring cleaning checklist, then you know this is totally up my alley.

I started this series talking about you can mentally practice self-care; taking care of yourself emotionally is so important, and I know way too many people who this it's selfish to take care of themselves (it's not - you have to try and be the best version of yourself!). 

Next, I talked about physical self-care, the area that I self-admit I am the worst at. I'm trying to better myself physically and put myself first, so believe me when I say I understand the struggle.

Today I'm excited to talk about ways you can organize yourself, which I know may sound strange when we're talking about self-care, but when you organize and declutter your life it can, and usually does, make one feel so much better and at peace. 

Clean out your closet.

Believe me when I tell you that you have W-A-Y more than you need in your closet. I learned this after jumping on the Marie Kondo bandwagon and buying 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'. Literally, one Sunday when Dylan and I were watching Netflix I had him pause the show, I went upstairs, and came down with a big armful of clothes from my closet. I'd been saying that I was going to do this; Marie claims that it isn't until you take ALL of your clothes out of your drawers and closets that you realize just how much you actually have. And this was exactly the case on that random Sunday afternoon for me. I ended up getting rid of (donating)  11 garbage bags worth of clothes, and after I was done Dylan, who curiously watched me do this for 2-3 hours, went into his closet and brought everything out as well. He donated 5-6 bags worth of clothes, and we both couldn't believe how much we had hiding in our closets. 

Go through your medicine cabinet.

If you saw my post on the organization of my medicine cabinet than you know I just did this myself. To be honest, I don't like clutter at all so I had been doing a pretty good job of keeping old and expired medicine out, which made the organizing pretty easy for me. I do however, remember going through my medicine cabinet a few years back, for the first time in a long time, and being amazed at how much I had. I mean, who needs 3 boxes of Band-Aids or 6 Ace bandage wraps? Just combining everything and downsizing made a huge difference, not to mention throwing out any old and expired medicine. 

Re-evaluate your makeup.

If you're a woman than you probably have more makeup than you realize. Even if you're a woman that doesn't wear a lot of makeup, which is the camp I fall into. I remember the days in my early 20s of wanting to try green eyeshadow, or blue eyeliner, and while I adore those women who have the talent to create beautiful and colorful makeup looks, I have learned that I am much better off in the simple makeup camp. It's not my strong suit, and it matches my personal style much better. All of that being said, there was definitely some shock to find that 12 year old eyeshadow palette lingering around at the bottom of a drawer, and I knew it was time to toss the majority of what I had. If for any other reason that most of it was expired, but also because I learned that bright red lips just don't look good on me. 


Decluttering will look different for each person. For some it is going through old boxes and totes of things, for others it's putting things in totes to be stored. For some it's going through the drawers, for others it's renting a dumpster and just pitching stuff. Whatever it is that you need to declutter, setting down and just going through your stuff is one of the best things you can do to organize and eliminate stress. No more walking by that pile and thinking about how you need to take care of it, no more opening that drawer and fighting to find something. Just dig in, declutter, and check it off your list. 

Make a weekly goal/to-do list.

I am a big to-do list person. There is something so satisfying about crossing off that to-do item that feels so satisfying, not to mention that I simply can remember to do everything when I have a list. They help me prioritize and keep track of everything during a busy week. If you didn't know, I have a 5 watercolor to-do list templates that you can download for free right here

Self-Care in 2018: 8 Way to Organizationally Practice Self-Care

Meal prep.

Ahhh, okay, you've heard me talk about meal prepping before. Something I have come a long way on doing, but also something that I still need to make sure I am consistent with. I am good to go on the meal planning front, but I'm working to make sure I'm taking those few hours each weekend to actually prep. And let me tell you, when you take those few hours each weekend to chop, slice, dice and roast than you will be so much more organized, and your weeknights will seem less stressful because dinner is going to come together much quicker. I've been using this meal planning/prep template each week and it's been incredibly helpful to keeping me on track with prepping.

Clean your house.

Who doesn't love a clean house. I'm not saying you need to take half a day every week to deep clean, but keep your house tidy and picked up, and once and a while do that deep cleaning. Spring and fall are great times to deep clean your house, and trust me that that process goes so much faster if you keep your life decluttered and tidy on a regular basis. I just made this spring cleaning checklist that is incredibly helpful to organizing everything you need to do room-by-room. And bonus - it's free!

Go through your paperwork.

I keep a small file cabinet in my office to keep track of receipts, paperwork, and taxes that are essential to my personal and professional life. I'm pretty good about keeping my paperwork sorted and tidy, but that all goes back to my dislike for clutter. Dylan on the other hand (love you babe!) is notorious for opening his mail and letting it sit on the table. Which I eventually bring to him and say "what are you doing with these" and politely sorts through it all. When you don't let that paperwork pile up than your mind will feel calmer, and your life more organized.

These are just a few of the ways that I practice self-care and keep organized, and I really believe that keeping your life organized helps keep the stress and anxiety down, and translates into mental health care. 

Tell me - what are some of the ways you keep yourself organized, and do you feel like it contributes positively to your life?


Self-Care in 2018: 8 Way to Organizationally Practice Self-Care