Guess Who's Back...Back Again

Guess Who's Back

I’ve been bad blogger. A terrible, horrible, no good blogger. Why? Because LIFE, you guys. It got me. 

Some of you have been with me for some time now, but for those who are new (hello!), let me recap: 

I lost my job in January of this year in a round of layoffs, and it was the first time since I was 14 that I didn’t have a job (I’m 35 now, so 21 years of working!). At first it seemed like no biggie. In fact, I loved working on my blog full-time. It was fun, I was inspired, and if it weren’t for the fact that I had bills that had to be paid I wouldn’t have thought twice about staying on the path of full-time blogger.

A few months went by and I was actively and diligently applying for jobs. Surely I was employable; I have approximately 11 years of product management experience under my belt, I was networking, I had a fine-tuned resume that I’d had looked over (then looked over again) by HR professionals, and I’d even acquired myself a recruiter. I was ready for the interviews to come flying in!

Then…crickets. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I had more activity on my search for a job after I graduated college than I did with 10+ years experience. WHAT. THE. HELL. But I kept at it. I kept the smile on my face, I did my positive affirmations in the mirror, and tried to look at the bright side. Until I couldn’t. The cracks in my normally happy and positive demeanor began to show. My savings was running out, no one was calling me back, and, well, shit was getting real. 

Guess Who's Back

At this point I should be clear that I had a wonderful support system of my fiancé, Dylan, my parents, and my close friends. They were so supportive, and looking back I don’t know if I would have came out of the job depression as unscathed as I did if it wasn’t for them constantly supporting and checking in on me. 

As I spiralized downward I lost my excitement to do anything. All the things I love - my blog, cooking, reading - I had zero interest in them. I couldn’t even plan a vacation, my absolute favorite thing to do - travel - because I didn’t have any money coming in and I had to be an adult and save my money for bills. 

However as luck would have it, all that networking led to being contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn for a Product Manager position at a company. It was going to mean moving to a new city, but that was something we were totally open to doing, so I threw my hat in the ring. And long story short, one month later I was being offered a job. Finally - EMPLOYED! 


A new job in a new city meant one thing - we had to sell our house, find a place to live in our new city, and coordinate alllllllll the things that go with that. Phew. I was exhausted just thinking about it. But I was also so very thankful. Thankful for a new job opportunity, eager to try something new, and relieved to feel that positive and happy Heather coming back into the picture. 

Guess Who's Back

May was a whirlwind. I got to work on getting my house ready to sell, we packed up to travel to Des Moines, Iowa to find a new place to live, and the clock was ticking. And I must have racked up some good luck credits after 4 months of bad luck, because we found the perfect place and I sold my house! 

The movers came on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend and moved our lives to Des Moines, and we were furiously unpacking boxes because we had one week before we were off to Austin, Texas for a long weekend that we’d had planned since the fall. 

The good news? We’re back from Texas, we’re unpacked (though still in the process of ordering new furniture), and I’m FINALLY beginning to feel settled for the first time since January. And most importantly I have my creative spark back, along with lots of new content, travel guides, and randomly honest musings. 

Next I’ll be sharing about our new space, along with ideas I have for it and furniture I want to buy, as well as sneaking in my thoughts on Austin. 

THANK YOU to everyone for your support this year. I’ve been active on social media (Instagram: @ordinarygirlxtraordinaryworld & Twitter: @ordgirlexworld) but I can’t wait to get back here, to you guys, to writing and sharing. I started this blog to document my journey to overhaul myself in my 30s - my weight, my style, my decor, my travel, my beauty - and all the things I’m learning along the way, and I’m excited to keep sharing that journey.