friday travel find: sandless beach and camping mat


NOTE: This post contains affiliate links..

i'm hoping to distract you from the fact that i haven't had a 'friday travel find' since april with the fact that this travel find is super duper cool - it's a SANDLESS beach mat! for real!

so here's the scoop on this pretty cool find. it has a one-way sift, which means that sand or dirt that gets on the mat filters out and back to the beach underneath, but it can't come up through and onto the mat. genius!

the mat is available in four sizes - small (6 x 6), medium (8 x 8), large (12 x 12) and XL (14 x 14), comes in various colors, and according to the description on amazon it was first developed as a deployable Heli mat for military and civilian helicopters to land on in sandy and dusty environments, before the material was patented and used to create this beach mat. the technology is owned by c-gear and the mats are produced by them, so if you find yourself a 'sandless beach mat' that is NOT made my c-gear then beware that it may not work. 

d-rings on each corner allow the mat to be staked down for those windy days, which also make it perfect for camping as well as for the beach. 


and most importantly this awesome find is amazon prime eligible so you can get this guy delivered to your front door in only 2 days, or less if you're lucky enough to live in the pacific northwest or somewhere close to amazon HQ.



say goodbye to sand and dirt with this sandless mat! perfect for travel, the beach or camping!