Organize Yourself: 5 Free To-Do List Printable's

Free Printable: To-Do List Checklists

My creative brain has been working overtime. Is it possible to discover your creative side in your 30s? I mean, is it a little late in life, or is it normal for it to kick in randomly, at any age? 

Let me be clear - I'm not comparing myself to any one individual, just thinking about all the years that I sat in a cubicle, exercising the analytical side of my brain, thinking that I just simply wasn't a creative type. And while I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a creative, I'm excited about how my skills have developed. From my travel photography to creating these freebies, to redoing my website all on my own, I'm slowly finding that side of me, and it's been fun!

I recently created these fun (and pretty!) to-do lists in my need to reorganize my life, and I wanted to share them with you all. I definitely am pro-technology, but there is something fulfilling about physically crossing something off that constantly brings me back to writing an actual list. 

To download these lists all you have to do sign up below and I will send you the password for my resource library. In there you can download all the lists, and you'll also have access to a number of other free resources (with more coming soon!). 

Free printable: To do list checklist


Free Printable's: Watercolor To-Do List Checklists