I Started a Product Line...(and what does that mean for the travel blog?)

This large cosmetic bag for travel is the perfect organizer when you're packing. And it's affordable! Store all your beauty and skincare essentials in one place.

Let's chat. You've undoubtedly seen the changes on the website lately. I cleaned up the format a bit to organize so you can better find what you're looking for, I updated some colors, moved some things around, and the big one? I started a product line!

A product line? What is it? And why?

Here's the scoop - I travel a lot. I mean, I'm not one of those travel bloggers who is fortunate enough to call it my full time job, but certainly travel more than the average bear. And over the last year I've literally spent HOURS looking for the perfect cosmetic bag. I call it 'the in between size'. Something bigger than a pencil case that I can store my skincare and beauty products in, but smaller than one of those massive makeup bags that fold up and take over a quarter of your suitcase (and it's a-okay if that's your jam, it's just not what I need!). 

I kept thinking 'surely there are more sizes out there that can accommodate my middle-of-the-road needs'. I searched and searched. And I found a few. Nordstrom's had some super cute ones but I wasn't interested in paying the same amount as 1/3 of my car payment. Etsy had lots too, but the problem was that most are customized for bridesmaid gifts. So nope, that wasn't going to work either. 

And as the old adage goes, if you can't find something, create it. Because surely you're not the only person out there looking for it. So I set off. I spent months creating a full business plan, designing, and undertaking the incredibly daunting task of finding a manufacturer. 

The result? The Webster Collection. Three beautifully designed bags that are clean, elegant, stylish, and affordable. Seriously - my bags are $16.99. 

You can order any of the bags here, click on any of the images to order.

What about the travel blog?

Don't you worry - you're stuck hearing about my adventures, tips, tricks and how-to's. I love writing about my travels, seeing the world, and I'm working super hard on improving my travel photography (see latest post on my trip to Omaha) so I can keep bringing you quality content and images. 

Travel isn't just important to me, but it's the entire reason this product line was born. Travel is fun and certainly isn't cheap, but your travel accessories don't have to expensive. 

What are the future plans?

I had to start somewhere, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a million other ideas. Growing my product line, partnerships, distribution - I'm excited to expand, but it needs to be right. So as I travel and learn more about what works, what doesn't, and what the stylish woman needs, I hope you'll share with me your experience when you travel. What do you need? What is a problem that you've had that needs solving? Let me know, because your needs will drive what comes next.

If you have any questions I'm here to answer them. Whether you comment on this post or want to email me at heather@ordinarygirlextraordinaryworld.com. And be sure to sign up to my email list because I'll be offering my subscribers special discounts, giveaways, and all kinds of subscriber perks as I grow!

Thank you for your support,


This large cosmetic bag for travel is the perfect organizer when you're packing. And it's affordable! Store all your beauty and skincare essentials in one place.