friday travel finds: cotopaxi chumpi travel duffel backpack


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happy friday friends! this week's friday travel find is a super cool hybrid duffel and backpack bag - the cotopaxi chump travel duffel backpack. I know, that quite the title.  

this hybrid duffel backpack comes in a variety of sizes - 30L, 35L and 50L - but all sizes will count as a carry-on for the airlines. 


perfect for weekend travel, roadtrip and adventures, this duffel bag is a durable nylon that can be used as a for a variety of reasons. though, i have to tell you that someone left a review on amazon saying that it wasn't good for business travel, and i guess i just think OF COURSE. it's a hybrid duffel backpack. as someone who has spent LOTS of time on a business trips this certainly wouldn't be my bag of choice for that. 

on a last note, this bag has a 61 year warranty. why 61? that's the average lifespan of each person living in the developing world. pretty cool!


perfect for road trips or weekend getaways, you'll love this hybrid duffel backpack for your travel packing.