friday travel find: portable kettle bells


note: this post contains affiliate links.

happy friday friends! today's friday travel find is super handy for keeping your fitness in check while traveling - portable kettle bells! "but how do they work, heather?" is what you're probably thinking, so let's break it down.

the basic shell is an empty nylon bag. easy enough. it's light and folds down easily to fit into bag without taking up much room at all.

when you get to your workout location you simply fill it with something - sand, dirt, rocks - whatever creates the weight you want, then you're off doing your workout!

these portable kettle bells come in 3 weight options - light (holds up to 15 pounds), medium (holds up to 30 pounds) and large (holds up to 45 pounds). and you certainly don't have to fill them to the max, so there's room to grow as your strength increases!

do you have a go-to exercise travel item? i'd love to hear about it!


stay in shape when you travel with these portable kettle bells! your healthy travel habits will be the envy of everyone!