friday travel find: camelbak all clear water purifier bottle


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clean and safe water can be a big problem in many countries, and many cities right here in the United States many cities report high levels of harsh chemicals in their tap water. 

whether you're drinking your own city water or traveling to another country, camelbak's water purifier bottle will help you reduce the bacteria level and clean up the water you're drinking on a daily basis.

so how does it work?

camelbak's all clear water bottle uses UV technology via a built in LCD in the lid to neutralize contaminants without introducing chemicals into your water. in less than 60 seconds your water is rendered clean, safe and ready-to-drink.

your lid will stay charged for 80 cycles, and when it's ready to be recharged simply plug the USB cord into your car, wall, or portable charger! in addition, a regular camelbak lid comes with the water bottle so once your water is clean you can switch it out for a regular lid and save the charge on your LCD lid. 


camelback's all clear water purifier bottle is the perfect travel gadget. it will clean your water in under 60 seconds and is perfect whether you're in the city or traveling abroad!