organization travel essentials

i remember my first trip to europe with fond memories. the year was 1999. i was 16 and going to live in a family in deauville, france before spending time in paris with fellow classmates. we had layover in heathrow and i was exhilarated to sneak even the smallest peek of london.

as i stood up to exit the plane, i threw my 40 pound carry on bag over my shoulder and that day, as i weaved my way through heathrow, young and naive to the packing game, i learned a valuable lesson - packing is everything.

in the 18 years since that trip i have tried and tested many storage options. some have been incredibly useful, and some have left me digging through my purse and feeling awful for holding up a line. i hope you enjoy these items to help you stay organized as you plan your next adventure.

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