16 Chic Holiday Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

You guys. Can you believe how close we are to the holiday season? I swear that just yesterday everyone was sharing their Halloween costumes on Facebook and now it's all pictures of the holiday decorations and trees going up.

Before know it we'll be exchanging gifts so to kick off this holiday season I wanted to share with you some of my most favorite travel-inspired items that I think would make great gifts for the traveler in your life. Most of these items I can personally recommend, and the others I know someone who has the item and loves it, so you rest assured that you're getting quality gifts, and at an affordable price.

Happy shopping!

Looking for chic and stylish travel gift ideas for women this holiday season? We've got you covered with our holiday gift guide!

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1. TOMS - I had to start with my FAVORITE traveling shoe brand (and pssst - they're affordable as well as stylish and comfortable). I can personally attest to the reliability of these shoes while traveling. I bought a pair of the classic blacks and wore them as I backpacked through Europe for 3 weeks and had no foot pain at any point in time. Between their heels, boots, sneakers, wedges and flats I'm a faithful TOMS customer and they've never failed me.

2. City Map Glass - I bought the Portland version of this glass for my best friend when he moved to the Pacific Northwest, and he loves it. A fine whiskey lover, I thought this would be a great housewarming present for his bar and would gift this City Map Glass to anyone who loves where they live. 

3. Slate State Cheese Board - I'm a sucker for a cheese and charcuterie board and this state shaped cheese board comes in slate so you can also put fun chalk writing or designs on it. 

4. Neighborhood Map Coaster - Update your living room with these neutral, stylish neighborhood map coasters

5. Fujifilm Instant Camera - Gone are the days of carrying around a clunky Polaroid camera (hell, gone are Polaroid cameras), but Fuji has created this super chic and fun instant film camera to capture all your on-the-go candid pics, and the price point isn't too bad.

6. Parks Project - I want literally everything on this website. Parks Project doesn't just make super stylish clothing, these former TOMS employees are following in their mentors footsteps and making a difference in giving back to our National Parks in the U.S. 

7. ibagbar Pack - You don't have to sacrifice style to travel. This ibagbar pack can be a hiking backpack, duffle bag, crossbody bag or messenger bag. It will hold your camping gear or your 15" laptop and files. And it's only $38. For real. 

8. Cambiami Sandals - If you know anything about me (or have read my blog before) you know that I love efficiency when I travel. I mean, I rarely check a bag. And these Cambiami Sandals are the perfect cute, space saving gift for the woman traveler in your life. With three interchangeable straps you can mix and match your colors with only one actual shoe. They're a little pricey, but it's like you're getting THREE shoes. 

9. Cosmetic Bags - What sort of person would I be if I didn't include my own awesome, travel-themed cosmetic bags on this list?! They're stylish, spacious, and affordable, because traveling already can cost a lot of money but your style doesn't have to. 
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10. National Parks Map - Have you guys caught on that I'm sort of a park nerd? I love them. So it was a no brainer to include this United States National Parks map that you can pin cute little trees on for all the parks you've been to. Super duper awesome. 

11. BEACHES by Gray Malin - Someday I will own a Gray Malin print. His overhead beach shots are to die for and would look good in any home. But if you're like me and you're not in the market for a $300-ish print at the moment, than save yourself $273 dollars and get this beautiful coffee table book of his beach prints from around the world. It's gorgeous. 

12. Kindle Paperwhite - Confession: I prefer real books. But they're a pain to carry while traveling so I bought a Kindle Paperwhite and I LOVE it. It's light and designed to read just like a book, and is much easier on the eyes than a phone or tablet. 

13. Push Pin Travel Map - There are a lot of push pin travel maps out there, but are they this chic? Nope. And it's an Etsy product so you're supporting a small business!

14. Away Travel Luggage - I'm OBSESSED with Away luggage. It's affordable, unbreakable, comes in a variety of colors, and has a built in TSA-approved lock and USB charger. Good luck picking a color though - you're going to want them all.

15. Palm Leaf Passport Holder - This passport holder has a stylish palm leaf print and will spruce up your passport. 

16. Leather Journal - Personal this leather journal and keep notes on your travels. 

Happy holiday and cheers!


Looking for chic and stylish travel gift ideas for women this holiday season? We've got you covered with our holiday gift guide!