10 Sunday Habits That Will Help You Prepare for the Week Ahead

10 Sunday Habits That Will Help You Prepare for the Week Ahead

Sunday. Everybody feels different about this day of the week. I think we all can agree that the fact that it's still the weekend is a check in the 'win' column, but then it seems that everyone takes a different path.

Some people get the 'Sunday Scaries'. It's the day before they have to report back to work on the dreaded Monday. I think this feeling is stronger in the summer when the weather is beautiful and the idea of having to sit inside all week long seems so torturous. 

Others live it up with 'Sunday Funday'. One last day to party and pretend that Monday isn't coming up in less than 24 hours. 

Then there's 'Lazy Sunday'. We practice lazy Sunday when we've had "too much fun Saturday night" and stayed up way past our bedtime's and have drank past our normal limit. 

But with age comes wisdom, and I've learned to make my Sunday's productive. Not a day to be feared, but rather a day to enjoy not being at work and to set myself up to have a great week. I'm certainly not perfect every Sunday, but I'm proud to say that more often than not, I am. I've found that these 10 habits are the keys to having a successful week ahead.

10 Sunday Habits That Will Help Prepare You for the Week Ahead

1. Meal prep

I am slowly getting better at this. I have the meal planning down, but I'm hit and miss on the meal prepping. When I do spend the 2-3 hours prepping food for the week I'm so happy all week long that I did it, and since meals come together more quickly I'm much more likely to stick to my healthy meals than cheat. So I'm working on this, and I even created a free template that you (and I!) can use to plan out meals, prep, and even track water intake for the week. It's free to you if you'd like to grab it!

2. Write down your weekly goals

I make more of a to-do list for the week, which can range from certain errands I need to get done, to workout plans, to true goals (such as meal prepping!). Whatever it is that's on my list it helps me plan my week and it feels so good to cross off those items. I use fun watercolor to-do list templates that make me excited to create my list for the week and stick to it. 

3. Do laundry

I know, there is nothing exciting about doing laundry. But if you can get it done on the weekend than you don't have to worry about it during the week when you're racing to and from work, making dinner, and running errands. Plus, it's not as if doing laundry is a big time suck. It takes just minutes to throw a load in the washer or dryer, so all that's really required is that you're there to switch your loads and fold your clothes out of the dryer. Easy!

4. Lay out your workout clothes

Heck, sleep in them if you need. But chances are that when your alarm goes off and you're not really wanting to get out of bed on Monday, you're much more likely to bite the bullet, get up, and get that workout in if your clothes are laid out and ready to go. I know it helps me to have them laid out each night, plus, since I'm the first one up in the morning I don't have to turn on any lights and wake up Dylan trying to find my workout clothes, which I'm sure he appreciates. 

5. Stretch

For me, Sunday is usually a rest day from the gym, so if it happens to be your rest day as well, or even if it isn't, it's a good day to just stretch your body. You don't even have to stop binging your latest Netflix series, you can just do some easy stretches while you're watching TV and not only will your body feel good, but you'll be even more limber before your next workout (and remember to stretch before and after ALL workouts!).

6. Get outside and get some Vitamin D

I know this may be one that you have to put off until the weather gets a bit nicer depending on where you live, but when the sun is shining and the temps are nice get outside! Whether it's sipping a cocktail with friends, gardening, going for a walk, cleaning out your garage - the sun is good for you and it will make you feel great. 

7. Read

Personally, I try and read every night before bed. I love love love to read and wish I had more time to do it, so at the very least I try to make it a priority before I go to sleep. Let's be honest, there is nothing better than settling into an amazing book!

8. Unplug

I definitely have my moments with this; it's so easy (and mindless) to hop onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - whatever - and waste time staring at your screen and scrolling. We are all guilty of it. I started being better about unplugging my not picking up my phone when I go to bed. Unless I'm setting my alarm, I refuse to use my phone in bed before I go to sleep. Sometimes I have to put the damn thing on silent (looking at you, group messages), but it allows me to focus on mostly reading before bed, sometimes watching a TV show. 

9. Get a good night's sleep

I know this is an obvious, but I can't tell you how many Sunday Funday's I had in my 20s and early 30s that made my sleep terrible, and my Monday's unbearable. My friends literally called me "just one more, Heather!", for obvious reasons. Granted, I could handle the after-effects of a Sunday Funday much better when I was younger, but sometimes lack of sleep feels just as worse as a hangover, so do your best to get a good nights sleep on Sunday so you can wake up ready to kick the week's ass!

10. Eat Healthy

Save the pizza for a Friday night treat and get back on the healthy track. When you don't bog your body down with heavy, greasy food you will have the energy to get things done on Sunday. Plus, you're not spending your Monday at gym trying to fight off all those extra calories, so you're continuing to start your week off on the right foot.

What are some of your favorite Sunday habits to set yourself up for an amazing week?


10 Sunday Habits That Will Help Prepare You for the Week Ahead