Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After

Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After

I have to admit that I'm kind of embarrassed to write this blog post. See, I'm a pretty clean and organized person in general. I clean the kitchen right after dinner every night, I fold my laundry right out of the dryer, I can't stand clutter and am constantly purging things and donating them. While I'm trying to become more and more organized in all things I do, I'd be shocked if anyone who knew me used the words "messy" or "unorganized" to describe me.

So when I decided to give my hallway a little makeover and I took the door off of my built-in that is my medicine cabinet, I was faced with the harsh reality that unlike the rest of the house, the medicine cabinet was a hot mess. And it's not like I didn't know this; just a few weeks ago I was frustratingly digging through it looking for DayQuil or any daytime medicine that would make me feel better as I fought a terrible cold/cough.

But having the door off and having to look at it? I couldn't deny it and it was too much for my organized brain to bare. Something had to be done, and it had to be done now. 

Let me rip the band-aid off and show you the 'before': 

Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After

I mean, I can't even deal with it. The good news was that as someone who is constantly purging I didn't have a lot that I had to organize. I don't keep a lot of extra stuff around, and I've always been a person that keeps just a few simple staples of medicine around - aspirin, bandaids, antibiotic ointment, cough drops, NyQuil. The rest of the cabinet is all travel size products, sunscreen, beauty products, Kleenex, and lady stuff. 

I kept it pretty simple. The first shelf on the bottom I dedicated to those "everyday products". I labelled bins by category and made sure that the most used bins were on top. 

Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After
Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After
Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After

The second shelf is dedicated to travel items. I loathe checking a bag so unless it's absolutely necessary I always take a carry-on and keep stock of travel-sized items. I bought some drawers and picked 5 of 6 to the most used items, along with a miscellaneous drawer for things like q-tip holders, toothbrush covers, and other items. 

I also will bring a smaller loofa with me when I travel and have two new ones ready in a jar, and then I keep my cosmetic bags in a bin next to them all. I of course use my own line of cosmetic bags - they always fit everything I need!

Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After
IMG_5768.JPGMedicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After


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Labeling is so easy and you don't need a fancy label maker at all. I happened to have some Silhouette Paper on hand; clear paper that you can print on, cut out, then peel the back off and attach. Simply open up any design program, or even Word, type the words you'd like to make into labels, place a piece of Silhouette paper in your printer tray and print. 

I kept my shopping pretty affordable and headed up to Target where I was able to get all my clear larger bins for only $.84. You can shop my cabinet below, but organizing it didn't cost me a lot, nor did I want it to. No one sees inside of it except for Dylan and I, so I'd rather save my money for things that my guests would see or that would change the aesthetics of my rooms.


Medicine Cabinet Organization: Before and After | Shop my cabinet

1. Sterilite 3-Drawer Mini Shelf 

2. These clear 6 quart bins 

3. This Nate Berkus large round gold canister

4. These rectangle gold canisters (Note: these have dividers in them. I wanted something bigger for Q-Tips and cotton balls and the divider is no bother, but keep that in mind depending on what you want to put in them).

5. This Y-Weave Basket.

6. This Silhouette label paper


Medicine Cabinet Home Organization: Before and After