Home Organization Essentials (12 Stylish and Affordable Items For Organizing Your Home)

Home Organization Essentials: 12 pieces that can be used to help organize any home.

My name is Heather, and I have a confession: I'm an organization nerd. Baskets, bins, labels, jars - if it's made to organize than count me in. It's a damn good thing there is not a Container Store near me because I would spend w-a-y too much time and money in there.

2018 and turning 35 (my birthday is January 9) had me seriously reevaluating and setting new goals for myself, and one of those goals is to give my 923 square foot home a facelift, which also means I am in the thick of organizing as I'm updating. And it's not as if I'm not already organized; on a very regular basis Dylan is saying "but I don't understand how you have any more to get rid of..." in a supportive, but perplexed way. I'm constantly minimizing, cleaning, organizing and sorting. Getting rid of "the things that don't bring me joy", as Marie Kondo says. 

As I've been purging and updating my home I've come across some key essentials that can help organize any home:

1. This white shelf from Target. This shelf sits next to my white TV console and very soon will have bins in it that store my DVD's. 

2. These Container Store bins. These are in route to me as you're reading this and will be used to store my DVD's in that Target shelf. Bins help the space looks much less cluttered while still bringing additional neutral colors into the mix. 

3. This fruit and vegetable basket for apples, bananas, onions and anything else that doesn't need to be refrigerated. 

4. This pantry shelf to double the storage space and store extra items. 

5. These OXO Good Grips containers to store dry food. 

6. These meal prep containers to organize your healthy eating all week long.

7. This 3-drawer file cabinet to store both your important documents as well as extra office supplies.

8. These nesting baskets for blankets, magazines, and other clutter. 

9. This Kate Spade jewelry box.

10. This storage basket for throws.

11. This Cleopatra bar cart for your own mini bar area.

12. This pet food dispenser to keep your furry friends food organized.

What are some of your favorite organizing items?

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Home Organization Essentials: 12 pieces that can be used to help organize any home.