My Hallway Makeover: Before and After

Home remodel: My hallway makeover

When I set out to makeover my home office I thought for sure that I would be done with that first, then I'd just knock out the hallway. Little did I know that the home office would take me much longer (I mean, why is it so dang hard to choose the right artwork?!), and the hallway would be a breeze that I would skip ahead to complete.

Built in 1940, my home is a mere 923 square feet total. That includes both the main level, basement and the lofted bedroom. It was the perfect starter home for a single girl like me when I was 24 years old, and the truth is that at 35 I've quite outgrown the space, but right now I'm not sure what is next for Dylan and I and where we want to live, so we continue to stay here until we figure out what our next move is. And after almost 11 years it was time for this old home to get a facelift. 

I had previously painted the hallway a light beige/almost white color, and all the original trim was on this old house. I had wanted white trim and bright white walls; not only do I prefer the look, but I knew the all white would open up this small house and make it seem larger than it is.

At the end of the hall is door that leads into a guest bedroom. With dark red walls (what can I say, I was 24 and really wanted red walls) I will be giving that room a makeover soon. The bathroom is also off of the hallway, and at the other end of the hallway is my home office which also leads to the staircase that goes upstairs to the lofted master bedroom. In addition, there is a big built in cabinet and four drawers for storage. I just organized the cabinet and if you didn't see that you can check it out here.

Home remodel: My hallway makeover
Home remodel: My Hallway makeover

I wanted to paint it all bright white, and, add some vintage gold hardware to the built-in's, a new, much more modern light, and then a rug runner to give the hallway a pop of personality.

It took me one work day to tape and paint, and it was pretty simple to install the hardware and light (well okay, it seemed pretty simple for Dylan to install it). The end result? A bright hallway that is inviting, smooth, and has completely transformed this small space!

Home remodel: My hallway before and after makeover
Home remodel: My hallway before and after makeover
Home remodel: My hallway before and after makeover
Home remodel: My hallway before and after makeover


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Hallway Home Remodel: Before and After