Antarctica, Here We Come!

 Photo Credit: Dave Merron for Quark Expeditions

Photo Credit: Dave Merron for Quark Expeditions

Deciding where to go on our honeymoon was tough. Asking two people who love to travel and have a 'to visit' list a mile long to pick just one place to go is impossible, so it was no surprise that we tossed around many different locations throughout the last year. 

But here we are only 6 months away from our wedding and the time had came to make a decision. 

We were down to three contenders:

1. Croatia, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina
2. Spain & Portugal
3. Maine

Yeah yeah, I know that last one seems out-of-place, but we're really excited to road trip through Maine, and we're heading to Europe next fall with another couple so two trips to Europe in 2019 was something we had to think through to make sure we'd each have the vacation time to make work. 

And then it came to me. A trip that has been on my bucket list for a long time - Antarctica. Your reaction reading this is likely very close to Dylan's reaction was - a mix of confusion, intrigue, and interest. So hear me out. 

A year or so ago a few of the travel bloggers I follow went on expeditions to Antarctica with a group called Quark Expeditions. Far from your typical beach selfie and riddled with hundreds of adorable penguins, I had to learn more. 

From the moment I clicked around Quark Expeditions website I was hooked. From the incredible wildlife that lives on the continent to kayaking, paddle boarding, polar plunges, and, of course, mingling with penguins.

Quark offers many types of expeditions and we'll be spending the next few weeks sifting through the various options to decide which one we want to join in 2020, and exactly how much money we're going to need to save. 

Either way, it's going to be an incredible adventure and I can't wait!