Free Printable: Weekly Meal Planning & Water Intake Sheet

Free Printable: Weekly Meal Planning & Water Intake Sheet

I don't know about you, but here's my current meal planning and prepping situation: I have the meal planning down. I figure out what we're going to eat all week, I get the groceries in our AnyList app (which I HIGHLY recommend for making lists; it's free and you can share lists as well), and we go grocery shopping. Easy peasy.

The meal prepping? It's a roller coaster for me. Some weeks I rock it out; I spend the 2-3 hours in my kitchen getting everything prepped, I feel amazing afterwards, and I think to myself all week long as I easily, and quickly, make healthy dinners, "this is amazing, why don't I do this every week? I definitely am going to do this every week." And then the next weekend? Nope. I get the meal planning and grocery shopping done, but not the meal prep.

Now as for my water intake, I'm pretty good about that. I'd estimate I drink all the water I should about 5 days of the week, or roughly 80% of the time. My water bottle is never far from me, but I need to push myself to making sure I get a good water intake 100% of the time.

It's a work-in-progress, and after thinking about all of these components, as well as my desire to organize and make my 30s my best years yet, I decided to make myself a worksheet where I could tackle my meal planning, meal prepping, and water intake in one place. No more random scratch notepad notes, which is exactly what I was doing before. 

Meal Planning and prepping worksheet; free printable

If you're looking for some major meal prepping inspiration (and loads of amazing InstaPot recipes) then I must insist you visit Steph over at her site, Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict. She's amazing and such an inspiration to just devote those 2-3 hours each Sunday to get things ready. Talk about major fridge organization goals!

And if you're like me and just trying to get it together and get organized than you'll want to grab my free meal planning worksheet. It will help you get things organized and in one central place that you can refer to all week. After you sign up for the worksheet you'll get the download in an email, and then I'll also give you access to my entire resource library, which has lots of fun freebies!

Happy meal planning, friends!


Meal Planning, meal prepping and water intake weekly planning list and template