10 Healthy (and Easy) Cookbooks for Women on the Go

10 Healthy (and Easy) Cookbooks for Women on the Go

Are you someone who cooks the same things in rotation? My parents do this in the summer with BLT's. You can be sure that if you go over there during the summer months you'll be asked to stay for BLT's at least 5-6 times.

Maybe you're just a 'grab takeout and go' kinda gal. It's easy, I get it. And while some really good takeout is warranted now and then, all the added calories, fat, carbs, salt, etc. can contribute to unnecessary unhealthy habits. That's where meal planning comes in, and is the key to not having cooking feel like a daunting task at the end of a busy and exhausting day (I have a free meal planning and prepping worksheet you can grab to help you! Get it here). 

I love using cookbooks to find fun, healthy, and easy recipes to mix up my weekly meals. Just last night I made a 'Skinny Chicken Parmesan' from one of my favorite cookbooks for the first time and not only was it healthy, but it was the best Chicken Parmesan I've ever made and came together in no time. Now I have a healthy, easy and delicious recipe I can keep in rotation on a regular basis. 

Below are 10 of my favorite healthy cookbooks. I personally own and have used all of them, and would highly recommend them if you're looking for some cooking inspiration!

10 Healthy (and Easy) Cookbooks for Women on the Go

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1. The Skinnytaste Cookbook - The OG. Every time I go back to this cookbook I find a new recipe to try and think "I can't believe that I haven't tried this recipe yet!" Case in point, the skinny chicken parmesan that I made last week. You can't go wrong owning this cookbook!

2. Cooking for Jeffery - I'm obsessed with The Barefoot Contessa. She is, hands down, my favorite, and though I honestly recommend any of her cookbooks, I love this one in particular. Ina Garten prides herself on wholesome and quality ingredients, and the recipes are easy to make. 

3. Inspiralized - If you're not on the vegetable noodle bandwagon than you guys - it's time to hop on. I found the Inspiralized blog in it's early stages; I was searching 'healthy pasta', and low and behold this new food blog popped up. Since then, Ali at Inspiralized has produced two cookbooks - Inspiralized and Inspiralize Everything - and has a third one in preorder with non-spiralized recipes, as well as her own brand of spiralizer - The Inspiralizer. The recipes are easy, healthy, and wholesome, and I couldn't recommend jumping on this train soon enough!

4. Kale & Caramel - Lily's food blog is clean, simple, and her easy-yet-healthy recipes are incredible. Her new cookbook is beautiful written and photographed, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

5. Love Real Food - Full disclosure: This is a vegetarian cookbook but trust me when I tell you that you'll never know. Kate's recipes are filling, healthy, and delicious, helping you save money and reduce the amount of meat you eat. Perfect for a meatless Monday!

6. Cravings - Okay, so this cookbook is my one true diversion from "healthy", though there are healthier recipes in here. Chrissy Teigen loves food, loves to cook, and amassed an incredible library of delicious recipes. If you follow her on social media than you know this, and in her debut cookbook she is sharing her favorite recipes. Which will quickly become your favorite recipes. Trust me. 

7. Eating in the Middle - Andie's story is inspiring. After a lifelong struggle with food And found her way to sustainable weight loss through not dieting, but cooking wholesome and healthy recipes. Her debut cookbook is realistic for the everyday cook while staying healthy and delicious.

8. Eat Beautiful - This cookbooks is written by a veteran makeup artist who takes a unique spin on cooking and how ingredients affect our skin and bodies. You'll learn more about your food and why certain foods and important, while learning delicious and healthy recipes.

9. Whole30 - Let's get one thing straight: you don't have to be on the Whole 30 diet to use this cookbook. I've never done the Whole30 diet (mostly because I don't believe in strict diets), but I've made plenty of recipes from it. Paleo based, this cookbook gets back to the basics and provides some delicious cornerstone recipes that will quickly become staples in your kitchen.

10. Plenty - This vegetable cookbook is all of the side dishes (or mains!) you'll ever want. With 120 vegetable recipes you'll be so inspired and look at your vegetables in a new light. Perfect for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike. 

What are your favorite healthy cookbooks?


10 Healthy (and Easy) Cookbooks for Women on the Go