My 2018 Non-Travel Resolutions

A travel blogger's 2018 non-travel resolutions

Though I've laid out my 2018 travel goals, it took me awhile to decide what my non-travel goals are going to be for this upcoming new year. 

For many reasons, some I can discuss and some I can't right now, I've been in a place of deep reflection lately. There are a lot of unknown variables that await me in 2018 and no matter what unfolds in the new year, I've had a deep sense that it will all be okay. That 2018 may be wild ride, but with hard work and focus I know will experience some amazing things. 

It's because of these unknown variables that I've been very careful about choosing what I want to accomplish next year, but it's my goal to always be an open book (unless other people are involved), so here are some of the fun and exciting things I'm eying for next year:

A travel blogger's 2018 non-travel related goals
  • Learn Hand Lettering - Oh. My. Word. So I've always really admired those people who can produce beautiful hand lettered signs, and on an Amazon buying whim I bought a book - Hand Lettering 101 - to give it a try. And you guys - I'm OBSESSED. I literally skipped a party on a weekend night to stay in, drink wine, and practice my hand lettering. 
  • Re-learn French - I was that kid in high school who took French. Everyone preached at me that learning Spanish would take me further as it's much more widely used in the United States, and though I totally agree, I just really wanted to learn French. So I took the 4 years (cursing the education gods that kids in the U.S. don't start learning another language at a young age when it's easiest to retain), and then like a typical college student I bounced between studying and partying, letting my French fall to the wayside. 
    Though I doubt it, I'm hoping it's a bit like the 'riding a bike' analogy in that it comes back to you, but regardless, one of my goals in 2018 is to become at the very least, conversationally fluent in French. 
  • Eat Less Processed Foods - Here's the deal. I'm not driving through fast food lanes or buying Cheetos and ice cream at the grocery store, but I'd bet that I consume more processed foods that I even realize I do. With that being said, it's my goal to make a conscious effort to consume more things from the produce aisle than not, and to be very aware of anything packaged I buy to ensure it's coming from a healthy source.
  • Become 100% Non-Toxic in my Skincare, Makeup, Hair Care, and Household Products - Whew. That was a mouthful. I say 100% because this is a process I've already started, but unless you're made of money, it costs a lot. I've been taking the approach of using what I have and replacing things with non-toxic brands, as opposed to throwing out A LOT of money and products, so it's been a gradual process.
    - Household Items - In terms of our household products, we've so far we've replaced our laundry detergent and fabric softener, all-purpose cleaner, dish-washing liquid, and hand soap.
    - Skincare - I've replaced 100% of my skincare products - moisturizer, under eye cream, masks, night cream, body wash - though I'm always looking for new non-toxic brands to try.
    - Makeup - With my makeup I haven't replaced a lot, but things are getting low so I'll be looking to replace everything. Recommendations are welcome, especially if anyone has an eyelash extension mascara that is non-toxic. I get extensions and while I don't use mascara a lot, I like to have a tube on hand for the week before a refill.
    - Haircare - I've switched to non-toxic shampoo and conditioner, but still need to find an affordable dry shampoo and hair spray. 

And that's it for my 2018 non-travel resolutions. But the thing is, I'm always setting goals, changing and evolving, so there's likely many more resolutions to come, but these are four things that I am committing to working on all year long outside of my traveling. 

What are some of your 2018 resolutions? I'd love to know!