Friday Favorites (Valentine's Day Edition) | 2.2.18

Friday Favorites in home, style and decor.

Happy Friday friends! I'm going to echo nearly every post on every blog you've read in the last two days and say 'can you believe it's February?!' Everybody gets down on January, claiming it's this long month, but February is my month that seems to drag on the longest. Funny, considering it's actually the shortest month of the year. It's probably a combination of the fact that my birthday is in January and the excitement of a new year full of possibilities, but January doesn't seem to drag on quite like February does for me. 

In addition to it being the beginning of February we're also about a week and a half out from Valentine's Day. Truth time - Dylan and I don't celebrate the holiday. But I know that a lot of you do, so whether you need some gift ideas to give your significant other or you want to treat yourself, today's 'Friday Favorites' is dedicated to some great Valentine's Day gifts!

1. This knit boyfriend blazer in pale pink (I ordered this and can't wait for it to arrive!). It also comes in navy and beige, so if pale pink isn't your thing than you're covered.

2. This leather tote

3. This rose scented Diptyque candle

4. These tassel earrings

5. This Sugarfina Bento Box of champagne gummy bears.

6. This Kate Spade pendent initial necklace.

7. This crossbody bag

8. This travel jewelry case.

9. This off-the-shoulder dress for day or night. 

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Friday Favorites in home, style and decor