Friday Favorites | Spring Jackets | 2.9.18

Friday Favorites | Spring Jackets | Favorites in fashion and style

Can you guys believe that we're already into our second Friday in February?! Holy smokes! I can't lie, I'm really looking forward to spring. It's not that March always has the best weather, but we begin having some nicer days and really know that spring is truly right around the corner. 

In honor of spring being right around the corner I'm dedicating today's 'Friday Favorites' to my favorite pick so spring jackets. I have to get myself a new jacket not only because it's just time, but because my style has drastically changed, so I'm sharing my favorite picks for this season. The theme? Classic and neutral.

1. This badass motorcycle jacket. And it's under $100!

2. This Burberry quilted jacket. A little pricey but so so classic!

3. The long emerald spring jacket

4. The wrap neutral beautiful textured jacket

5. This quilted jacket (that's a little less pricy than the Burberry).

6. This stylish athletic jacket

7. This dream is wayyyyy out of my price range, but I LOVE it. 

8. This classic mat bomber jacket. (PS: It's only sale for $55 from $220!)

9. These neutral wrapped fleece jacket

10. This Chanel woven zip up jacket (on sale for $297!)

11. This bow accented neutral jacket. 

12. This textured collarless jacket

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Friday Favorites - Spring Jacket Edition - Favorites in fashion and style