Friday Favorites | 3.2.18

Friday Favorites in home, style, fashion and decor

It's Friday! I know I've thrown a lot of content at you guys this week; my 3 part self-care series plus a roundup on my February favorites from around the web, and now my usual Friday Favorites. Thanks for your patience, and if you're a subscriber than you are probably pretty happy that you get only one email each week! 

But before we get back to our regularly scheduled posting I have to close out this week with my Friday Favorites! I'm still on the neutral kick, and not anticipate that changing anytime soon. I mean, it's my style! But without further ado, here are this weeks picks!

1. These winter boots (the perfect time to buy them while they're on sale!)

2. This watch

3. This pendant necklace.

4. These classic black TOMS. My absolute favorite shoe brand. 

5. These gold earrings (under $10!)

6. This relaxed Asics hoodie.

7. This white graphic tee.

8. This vintage leather satchel

9. These classic women's loafers


Friday Favorites in fashion, home, style and decor