travel tuesday bucket list: plitvice lakes national park, croatia

for today's travel tuesday bucket list i'm taking a turn from america and journeying to croatia. specifically, plitvice lakes national park.

most people are shocked to find out that croatia is #1 on my international travel bucket list. they're very curious why it's not spain, or switzerland, or a more "popular" western european country that i haven't been too. 

it's simple. have you seen pictures of croatia? i mean, look at this:


am i right?! and while there are so many amazing places in croatia that i can't wait to visit, the top place for me is plitvice lakes national parks. i couldn't even tell you what i was googling a few years ago when a picture of plitvice came up:

and of course i took pause to see where this incredible place was. upon discovering it was in croatia i started doing research on the country, and i was hooked.


in 2015 i was at oktoberfest in munich and ended up chatting with some brits who verified what i was thinking - croatia is the place to be. and soon! apparently with the increase in popularity from game of thrones being filmed there more and more people are setting their vacation sites on croatia and it's on the verge of going from 'hidden gem' to 'popular tourist spot'. and don't get my wrong, there are so many amazing popular tourist spots, but there's just sort of something fun about experiencing the beauty of a place that still has that 'untouched' element. which is why croatia is #1 on my international travel bucket list.

what is the one place you want to go if you had unlimited funds? if you want to add plitvice lakes national park in crotia to your list be sure to pin it!