travel tuesday bucket list: sedona, arizona


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i was born in arizona. tempe, to be exact. i was born and adopted from a hospital in arizona and since then i've also visited arizona multiple times. never sedona though. so while sedona has always been on my 'to visit' list, it never held a higher place. and as much as i would find myself saying to friends 'yes, i've always wanted to visit sedona!', for me, places i've never been always default to the top of my list.

that is until my girlfriend sent me this picture.

  photo by teresa julich

photo by teresa julich

yep. just a camera phone shot without a filter of a sunset in sedona. how beautiful! so now sedona has firmly cemented itself in the top 10 places in the USA I'd like to visit. I mean, look at these pictures...


and now I've been looking up hiking boots, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to order this travel guide, and I can't find my camelbak so I have lots of planning (and amazon ordering) to do!

have you been to sedona? tell me about it! which hike is your favorite and where are the hidden spots to check out?

is sedona, arizona on your bucket list? if so, don't forget to pin it!