travel tuesday bucket list: neucschwanstein castle


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perhaps I'm still on my high from watching Disney's live version of beauty and the best, but the sleeping beauty inspired castle, neuschwanstein, is pretty high on my travel bucket list. 

set in the bavarian countryside, neuschwanstein is one of the most visited places in Europe; seeing approximately 1.3 million people per year, or up to 6,000 people per day during the summer.

construction began in 1869 by Ludwig II of Bavaria and was was completed and opened to the pubic in 1889. the total square footage of the castle is 65,000 square feet.

in September of 2015 I was in Germany and close to going to the castle, but scheduling didn't work out for me, and I often think of being so close, but it's just another reason to go back so no complaints! in fact, tours need to be scheduled well ahead of time; if you just show up to the castle you're likely to be turned away due to capacity restrictions. 

there is no photography allowed inside the castle, so the mystery of what's inside is just another reason to visit this beautiful location.

if you decide to put neuschwanstein castle on your list there are some travel guides dedicated to the castle, or this awesome 3d castle puzzle, or even this cute magnet of the castle to get you by until you're able to visit!

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