travel tuesday bucket list: maine


NOTE: this post contains affiliate links. if you order from these links than i will receive a portion of the sales that i'll use to travel more, test travel products for you, and maybe have the occasional glass of wine after a long flight. 

today marks the first official blog post of my new tuesday series - travel tuesday bucket list. each week i'm going to briefly share a place or something i want to do while traveling. 

today's bucket list place is somewhere that i hope to make next summer (2018), because the more i read about it, the more excited i get - maine!

now i know that maine is a big state with lots to do, but there are three things in particular i want to do while i'm there:

1. visit acadia national park


2. visit portland, maine

3. spend a long weekend in rockland, maine during their annual lobster festival - only a 2 hour drive from portland


if you're as excited about visiting maine as i am than i suggest picking up this great travel book about maine, or this book if you're wanting to incorporate maine into a whole new england trip. 

have you been to maine? tell me the must-see towns, places to eat, drives to take, and things to do!


is maine on your travel bucket list too? then don't forget to pin it!