10 instagram accounts to follow if you love to travel

travel inspiration is everywhere you look, and instagram is a fantastic platform for people to express their unique perspectives, camera angles, story telling, and visually draw you in with that "oh man I want to go there!" photography.

if you're having a bout of wanderlust and looking to freshen up your insta feed, then check out these 10 accounts:

Paris in Four Months

carin moved from Sweden to Paris and become a photographer who travels around quite a bit, doing a lot in the fashion industry. her feed is beautiful; whites and pinks and grays with pops of color throughout. i dare you to try and keep you parisan wanderlust at bay after scrolling through 'paris in four months' beautiful feed!


My Life's a Travel Movie (+ Alyssa Ramo Travels)

alyssa is one of the first travel bloggers i started to follow. i was immediately drawn to her POV posts with vivid colors as she travelled the world. sponsored by go pro, alyssa travels solo and creates really beautiful pictures and content, and just recently she's been pulling back the layers and revealing some of her secrets to being a successful solo travel IGer with her behind-the-scenes account 'alyssa ramos travels'!


Pretty Cities of Instagram

pretty cities of instagram is a compilation of beautiful cities, towns and villages that will not only inspire some serious wanderlust, but you'll find yourself paying attention to the unseen beauty in ordinary places. 


World of Wanderlust

brooke is a travel and lifestyle blogger and like alyssa at 'my life's a travel movie', brooke was another one of the first travel blogs i started to follow. her pictures are beautiful and she's a great resource to find fun and interesting things to do in different cities.


Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary World

well of course i'm going to include myself on this list! i may be new to the travel blogging game, but i'm definitely not new to traveling. a former food blogger, my focus shifted over to my one true love - traveling, and i'm on a mission to travel to all 50 states before i turn 40 (in addition to embarking on lots of international travel!). join me for fun adventures around the states and abroad!


Alex in Wanderland

first, how fun and clever is alex's blog name?! it was was initially caught my attention, and when i started reading through alex's blog I could totally relate to her. her feed will not only inspire wanderlust, but you'll also really want to be her friend!


Polka Dot Passport

nicola is a full-time travel blogger from australia who not only shares great tips, tricks and posts about traveling, but she also has fun and beautiful pictures on her feed that will undoubtedly inspire some serious wanderlust in you!


Off Beat and Inspired

tiffany not only has one of my favorite IG feeds, but she has a really tragic story. i was digging tiffany's feed and soul before tragedy struck her, and seeing her piece her new life back together has been so inspiring. she's a beautiful person and that comes through in her photography and adventures; she'll inspire you on so many different levels.


Alex On The Road

alex is travel blogger living in london, by way of france. his photography is bright, colorful, and fun, and you'll be so inspired if you follow alex's IG feed!



thanks to davina i find myself constantly looking at coffee shops and store fronts for instagram inspiration when i travel. this new yorker has an eye for the beauty in every day and she'll definitely inspire you!


Do you have a favorite instagram account that inspires wanderlust in you? i'd love to know about it!


do you have a serious case of wanderlust? these 10 instagram accounts are perfect to follow if you love to travel!