Plug-In Wall Sconce Inspiration

Interior Design: Plug-In Wall Sconce Inspiration

That's a really specific blog post title, right? But it's appropriate; you wanna know what you're reading and if I called it 'Bedroom Lighting Inspiration' I feel like you'd feel a little duped. But let's back up and let me tell you why I'm on the hunt for plug-in wall sconces.

When we moved into our apartment I knew it was an opportunity to start fresh with design. If you read my post about moving to a new city and how we sold our old house and decided to rent an apartment, than you know I sold a lot of our furniture that we had had for year's, and looked at it as an opportunity to start fresh and get pieces that fit our (okay MY style; Dylan is super go with the flow). 

I'd been inspired by Alaina Kaczmarski's blog, Elizabeth Street Post, as her design style is very similar to what I love and the look I'm wanting to achieve, so when she introduced the idea of plug-in wall sconces I knew it was the perfect direction to go for our bedroom, and I set off to find a classic sconce that wouldn't break the bank (as with all things, they can get expensive). 

Below I've compiled a list of the sconces that not only inspired me, but also were on my list as possibilities to purchase:

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Home Interior Design: Wall Sconce Inspiration
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