Neutral Bedroom Inspiration

Neutral bedroom furniture inspiration for a bedroom makeover.

This week I am going to embark on painting my bedroom. If you read my post on my Hallway Before & After, and you've watched my Instagram stories and seen my office makeover (reveal is coming soon!), than you know I'm on a bright white kick. So no surprise that my bedroom is going to be transformed from dark gray walls to a crisp and clean bright white. 

The space is unique. My house is 1 1/2 stories, and the half story is a lofted upstairs bedroom that was finished by the people that lived here before me. It's a hidden gem of a spacious bedroom that really sets the house apart, but it's also a lot to paint.

When I first moved in the previous owners had two of the walls painted dark red, and two painted mustard yellow. Yep. Like ketchup and mustard. It was awful, but after lots of priming I had it updated to a darker gray color. Much better! Then, a few years ago, I painted the trim bright white. The same bright white I've been using in the house as of late. 

I'm bored of the gray, and truth be told while I do like gray walls, the shade of gray is much too dark for my style today. So, in the spirit of updating my life to be all the things I actually like and reflect me in my mid 30s, it's time to hit the main bedroom with a face lift. In addition to painting I'm going to slowly update most of the furniture as well, and these are the pieces that are currently inspiring me. I'm finding my inspiration to be falling the way of neutral modern + French/Victorian classic. If that's even a thing?

Neutral and French inspired bedroom furniture and home decor
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