5 ways to stay healthy while traveling

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as i've been planning and preparing for my upcoming trips i started to notice some big differences between how i used to plan, and how i plan today. the biggest difference being how important it is for me to try and stay healthy on my trips; something i rarely concerned myself with in the past.

my personal journey to become healthy only started about 6 months ago. i have some weight i want to lose and i knew i needed to start focusing on making healthier decisions when it came to food, drinks and exercise. as i worked on my healthier eating and picking my exercise habits back up i started to research other small changes i could make to be healthier, and i found some pretty cool and inspirational bloggers to follow, healthy websites i liked, and podcasts to listen to. and that's when the small changes started coming

i have a long ways to go but i've made significant progress in my every day life and choices when it comes to being healthy. choices that can translate well for anyone that is traveling, and things that I practice when I'm traveling.


some of the big changes i've made is that i started taking supplements, consuming collagen, and i found these awesome gummies specifically made for hair, skin and nails.

let's start with the supplements. i'm a fan of davida over at the healthy maven and one of her recent blog posts was about a company called care/of that makes all natural, healthy, personalized supplements. 

at care/of you fill out a profile about yourself, your health, and your environment, and they will build you your own supplement pack based on what you indicate your needs are. you can add and remove anything you'd like and continue to customize until you get the exact supplements you want. 

in addition to customization the supplements are affordable, clean, and they come individually packaged for each day which makes them PERFECT for travel.


another big change i've made is incorporating collagen into my everyday diet. collagen is the biggest protein in our bodies. it's in our skin, muscles, bones, tendons, digestive system and blood vessels. it is what makes our skin elastic and strong, it's what holds our joints together, and unfortunately our bodies natural collagen production slows down as we age which is what results in our aging, wrinkles, and joint pain. 

for me personally, i discovered collagen when started to experience some joint pain in my right knee. i had previously dislocated that knee cap and had recently rolled my ankle as i missed a step going to my downstairs and i landed right on that same knee on a concrete floor. it was as painful as it sounds. so in addition to losing weight to help relieve the amount of pressure on my joints, i wanted to find something natural i could do to build up that strength back up, and that is when i discovered collagen and the natural benefits it would have not just on my joints, but the rest of my body. 

every morning i put 1-2 scoops of vital proteins collagen into my coffee or tea and the best part is that i don't have to break that routine when i travel because they have these super handy travel packs that you can buy! simply throw a few into your purse, backpack or suitcase and you can keep up your healthy collagen routine when you're traveling. 

  quick snapshot on my iPhone of my last trip; I headed to Kansas City for a long weekend and took my travel packs of  vital proteins collagen  with me

quick snapshot on my iPhone of my last trip; I headed to Kansas City for a long weekend and took my travel packs of vital proteins collagen with me


okay so i honestly wish that everything came in gummy form. i'm not a big pill taker; i take my supplements from care/of because they're healthy for me, i'll take tylenol for the occasional headache, and of course if I have something that requires antibiotics I'll take those if they're prescribed, but on the whole i prefer not to take pills. so when my fabfitfun box showed up with these gummies from nature's bounty for hair, skin and nails, i was excited!

on the whole my nails are strong, but i'm trying to grow my hair out and anything i can do keep my skin healthy is always a win, so these gummies were perfect. here's the trick for traveling with them. if you don't already have a smaller container you can use than start by ordering a small bottle. when it's time to stock back up order the bigger bottle, and keep the small bottle on hand so you can fill it for when you're traveling. 

and the bigger question - do they work? I can honestly say that I've noticed my hair becoming stronger and healthier, but more importantly my hair stylist noticed a huge improvement. the last time I was there, about a month ago, she commented that she thought my hair was fuller and healthier. so these gummies are both heather and stylist approved!


the hard truth is that most us don't get an adequate amount of water; we're living in a dehydrated state without even realizing it. that probably sounds worse than it is, but are you drinking at least half of your body weight in water every day? more if you're working out? if you say 'no', you're with the majority.

I got serious about my water intake a couple of months ago and it's been interesting to see the change in how my body reacts and craves water.


the first thing that happens when you get serious about your water game is that you pee. a lot. no no, this requires the uses of caps - A LOT. like every 20-30 minutes. it's ridiculous. and not fun when you're trying to complete projects or are in the middle of a meeting, but it's just part of journey.

eventually this tapers off. I mean, get used to peeing more often, but it won't be every 20 minutes after your body adjusts. 

the second thing that happens is that you start craving water. you just need it and you want it. your body gets used to being fed all of this great and healthy water so when it doesn't get it, the cravings kick in and the thirst is more intense. 

and on the topic of cravings and water, water will help control your cravings. I'm guilty of being a big snacker, and while I'm still trying to eat snacks (I'm on the whole '5 meals a day train'), I've found that I rarely snack unnecessarily any longer. when your body starts to get truly rehydrated and you feel hungry or snacky at a time that you think 'why am I still hungry; I just ate?!' and you drink a glass of water it's a true indicator of whether your body is really hungry and needs to be fueled, or if it just needed a big glass of water. 

and the last benefit of water that i've noticed? my hangovers aren't as bad when i'm consistently drinking TONS of water. i just feel better than i normally would and am able to bounce back quickly from a night of drinking.

because water intake is so so important to me i always have water bottles around me. and it adds up in money when you're traveling to constantly be grabbing a bottle of water. i mean, i've certainly spent money on worse things than water, but a reusable water bottle is perfect to help you keep your costs down and keep a water bottle with you at all times.

this nalgene water bottle is only $9.99 and comes in a quart size. you can use it at home, the office or when you travel!

or, if you want something a bit more travel friendly in size you can use a collapsable water bottle. also $9.99, this water bottle easily collapses down and is perfect for travel, hiking, or any other outdoor adventure where you're looking for convenience.


finally, the fifth thing you can do stay healthy while you're traveling is to pack your own snacks. i mentioned this tactic in my post about how to save money on a roadtrip, but bringing your own snacks is such a great way to make sure that you have something on hand for those cravings (plus it saves you money!). 

some of my favorite snacks to bring when i'm traveling are:

these five items are great ways to start being healthy when you're traveling. they're not meant to overwhelm, cost a lot, or interfere with your trip, but rather they're small, easy steps you can take to start to form healthy habits when you're traveling.

do you have any healthy habits you practice when you travel? tell me about them! 


staying healthy when you're on the road doesn't have to be hard. easily implement these 5 changes to keep yourself healthy while you're traveling!