ireland day trip: the cliffs of moher


note: this post contains affiliate links. 

so you're traveling to ireland and you've heard great things about the cliffs of moher, right? well i won't bury the lead - they're beautiful! the rugged, vertical cliffs have been featured in popular movies such as the princess bride, harry potter and the half-blood prince, and leap year.

how busy is it?

well, it's busy. in 2006 it was estimated that over one million people were visiting each year. simply put - be prepared for crowds. and be patient. try as you might, you can't get rid of the people so just go with the flow and enjoy the view. 

what is parking like?

we found parking to be really easy. follow the line of cars, buy your ticket (or show your purchased ticket email), and find a place to park. from where we parked it was about a half mile walk to the information center, then the cliffs are just a short walk from there. easy peasy! 

what is the drive like?

what you quickly come to realize in ireland is that if you want to go anywhere scenic or off the beaten path, then you know you'll be driving down small, windy roads. it's just how it is. and you adjust and you figure it out and it's okay. once you get close to the atlantic the view is beautiful and there are all kinds of cute little seaside towns. we both agreed as we were driving there that we would totally do an overnight in a cute b&b in one of these towns along the coast the next time.


adult tickets cost €6 per person, children that are 16 and under get in free, and if you're a student, senior or are disabled the cost is €4.50 per person.

so you're there - now what?

when you walk up to the cliffs you can walk left or right. north or south. you'll likely find that once you've taken about 100 pictures you've only walked about 50 steps. just remember to take a moment without the phone or the camera and just look. and be. and appreciate. it's an extraordinarily beautiful place. 

once you hit the end of official area of the cliffs of moher you can definitely go outside the bounds and keep walking. you'll see many people doing this and there are paths, so just be careful and you can keep going and get some really fun pictures and new perspectives. 

by the time you've done all of your walking north and south down the coast you'll find that you've been there for about 2 hours or so. and if you're like me you'll be starving, so the next important thing to know about is your food options.


food in the area

there is a restaurant in the visitors center but if was absolutely packed when we were there, plus we wanted to find somewhere a little unique to eat. that hidden gem of a place, if you will. we hit the 'restaurants' button on our car gps to see what was near and this little place popped called stone cutters kitchen, and off we went.

you guys, this place was EXACTLY what we were looking for. they had THE BEST fish and chips we've ever had. the big flaky fish was perfectly cooked with the exact right amount of batter. i'm quite sure that fishy was probably caught out their back door in the atlantic the same morning. 


are you considering going to the cliffs of moher? it's a great day trip and even if you're coming from the other side of the island it gives you the opportunity to see the beautiful irish countryside. 


explore one of ireland's most famous attractions - the cliffs of moher - in an easy day trip!