My Summer 2018 Reading List

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If I could have an extra 2 hours in my day to read, I'm convinced I would be a more peaceful person. My mind goes a million mile a minute; constantly wondering about people, things, the world. I day dream with the best of them, and have so many ideas that my creative brain is bursting at the seams. 

When I read though, I can zone all of that out. I am able to put 100% of my concentration into the book I'm reading (as long as it's a good book), and imagine myself right there in the story, a vivid backdrop painted in my mind. 

I know that I'm a bit behind in terms of 'Summer' due to my little hiatus, but let's be honest - there's never a bad time to share a book list. Don't believe me? My 'To Read' shelf on Goodreads has over 600 books...maybe I should ask for 3 more hours in the day!

Goodreads reading list

So without further ado (alright, rambling), here is my summer reading list:


Yes We (Still) Can, by Dan Pfeiffer

I am a big fan of 'Pod Save America', which was where I was first introduced to President Barack Obama's former White House Communications Director (among other titles). His quick wit and intelligence, coupled with spot-on sarcasm made for an excellent book. Between his own personal stories of how he ended up in politics and working for President Obama, to his thoughts on how we, the Democrats, can take back the country and move towards an inclusive America, if you're in need of a little bit of realistic hope than this book is a must-read. 

The Wedding Date, by Jasmine Guillory

I picked up The Wedding Date on a trip to Target as an easy plane read for my trip to Austin back in late May. What I wasn't expecting was to not have anything to read on the flight back to Iowa because it was so good that I had it almost finished before leaving Texas! Fun, easy and flirty, I was hooked quickly, and I couldn't recommend this book enough.


The Favorite Sister, by Jessica Knoll

I read Jessica Knoll's first book, Luckiest Girl Alive, a year or two ago when it first came out, and have been waiting for her follow-up since then. When The Favorite Sister came out I immediately got on my library's waiting list (I'm trying really really hard to not spend more money on books because I go crazy in bookstores). A few days ago I got on of my favorite emails to receive, letting me know that The Favorite Sister was in, and I've been reading it ever since! I love reality TV (don't judge, we all have our vices), so coupled with how well-written this book is, I'm about 100 pages in and loving this mystery!


Something in the Water, by Catherine Steadman

I'm kinda a big fan of anything that Reese Witherspoon does, so it was no surprise that her latest book club pick, Something in the Water, rose right to the top of my list when she announced it. I'm completely intrigued, and with Reese's eye for storytelling I have no doubt that it's a great book, and hopefully it will make an even better mini-series (hint hint, Reese!)

All We Ever Wanted, by Emily Giffin

I haven't read as many of Emily Giffin's books that I'd like to, but the few I have read have been really fun reads, so I'm excited to pick up her latest book that is getting rave reviews, All We Ever Wanted. Giffin is also a fellow lover of the royals (another vice, but in my defense I was a Meghan Markle fan wayyyy before she met Harry), so I adore her Instagram account, too, where she documents her life as an author and her love for the royals. 

Artemis, by Andy Weir

I loved The Martian. We're talking the elusive 5/5 stars, love. I picked up the book after going through a phase of only reading mystery novels, and was completely blown away at how much I learned, as well as how much Ioved Weir's writing style. Now that his latest book, Artemis, is out I can't wait to sit down and read it. 

The Word is Murder, by Anthony Horowitz

A good cover is almost just as important as a good book, especially if you've never read anything by an author. And that was just the case with The Word is Murder, a book that drew me in with fun cover art and kept me there with the book description. 


Bring Me Back, by B.A. Paris

I read my first B.A. Paris mystery novel, Behind Closed Doors, a few months ago, and I was HOOKED. That book kept me on the edge of my seat and I stayed up late reading it well past my bedtime on a few occasions, reading the entire book in less than a week. I can't wait to dive into Paris' new book, and the bar has been set high!

Clearly I'm a big big book lover, so I'd love to know what books you recommend and what books are on your summer reading list!


Summer 2018 Reading List